What Factors Could Weaken My Slip and Fall Case?

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A slip and fall injury can cause much more damage than a person may realize. In fact, you could find yourself in excruciating pain for months or even years after the accident happens. While you may be dealing with endless doctors’ visits, lost wages, and bills piling up at home, it is important to realize that how you act during and after your accident will severely impact your case. Therefore, it is important to know, as a plaintiff, what factors could affect your case – and possibly bar you from ever seeking compensation for your injuries.

Just because you are a victim with a legitimate claim does not mean that you will receive compensation for your injuries. That is why it is important that you understand what factors influence the outcome of your case – and do what you can to avoid them.

What Could Affect My Compensation?

  • Ignoring your physician’s instructions. This is one of the biggest reasons why personal injury claims are unsuccessful. After your injury, you have a life, job, and even family. You may feel that all of the treatments and doctors’ visits are just hindering those. You may even think that you are recovered. But, if you do not listen to your physician’s instructions, including taking medications, skipping appointments, or ignoring the treatment plan, you could ruin your chances for compensation in the future. If you are given a treatment plan, you must follow it. If you disagree with the physician, discuss it with him or her, or have a second opinion. But, never outright ignore or defy a doctor’s orders – it will likely lead to a denied claim or severely reduced compensation amount.
  • Sharing information about your claim with others. When you start a personal injury claim, you should only speak to your attorney and other approved parties about the accident. If you are approached by a third party or even an insurance claims representative, you need to contact your attorney right away. Never give an unauthorized interview nor speak to someone who is not associated with your attorney’s office.
  • Not documenting injuries, treatments, and other issues on your end. While you are dealing with professionals, there is plenty that may not get documented properly. That is why it is up to you to continue to take notes regardless of whether you have hired an attorney or not. That includes writing down every treatment that you receive, anyone you speak to (as well as the date/time you spoke to that person, contact information, and a few details as to what was said), and your pain and suffering. By writing these details down as soon as possible, you can make sure to remember them later. It is not uncommon to forget even minor details – and those minor details could have a big impact on the outcome of your case.
  • Not hiring an experienced personal injury attorney. Sometimes, hiring the wrong attorney can impact your case. If you have hired a personal injury attorney, you need to make sure that he or she is working in your best interest. That includes returning phone calls on time, explaining your options to you, and working on your case actively – regardless of how many other cases the attorney may have. You also want to hire an attorney who has experience specifically in your type of injury. Just because a firm claims that it can help with slip and fall injuries does not mean that it deals with these types of accidents frequently enough to successfully represent your claim.

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