Break Your Thumb, Get $3 Million

It only makes sense that if your work place landlord’s negligence puts you out of work for half a year, even if for only a broken thumb, you should be compensated. But $3 Million? Sure, if you’re Bill Gates and make that much on a bad day, but a lowly city claims examiner? That’s what happened in New York City after Cedrick Makara broke his thumb after trying to get out of a bathroom stall in the building he works in while someone else was trying to get in. Since the door to the stall had a missing doorknob he couldn’t just use it to pull the door open so he put his fingers through the hole the doorknob would have been in to pull on the door while someone else pushed from the other side to get into what he thought was an empty stall.

The broken thumb put Makara out of work for 6 months due to surgery. He was awarded $2 Million in his personal injury case for past and future pain and suffering, and $200,000 for future medical needs. His wife was also awarded $750,000. I don’t know what a New York City claims examiner makes but I’m pretty sure it’s not $1.5 Million per year so doesn’t really need three quarters of a million for time loss.

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